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150 - 2017

Every episode /was/ completed in 60 Second Comics... now I'm not so strict about it, but I do try to do them rather quickly. Still, the title's not innacurate! You can still read them in under 60 Seconds! This comic does update, really! http://www.vivianvideo.com


» Hey Hey Hey

I don't know why I wrote Pink Lemonade in the other post, it was clearly meant to say "60 Second Comics"... uh... in other news... Hi.

» Who uses the news?

In all my years at SmackJeeves, I have hardly ever used the news xD I wouldn't be surprised if the total times I've posted news on any webcomic was less than 10. Mainly that's because I dunno that very many people actually read site news. But I'm doing it now, just in case you do.

Yeah, the reason I'm having trouble updating this time is because recently my room was super-cleaned, and now I can't find the Pink Lemonade comic sketches I'd done. (Sometimes I sketch out the series if it's a plot, so I don't forget it.)

I hope I can find those, if not, I might just have to ditch this plotline for a little while. We'll see though. Don't worry, I wouldn't ditch this comic, I feel bad enough for the first time xD

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