Bucket Bill is a purple part-sponge creature (and nobody is sure how he doesn't leak), who has a excellent sense of humor, although he isn't  always very bright. He's still a good friend though, and is always looking for something fun to do. He's currently going out with Bucket Becky, and  has a pet Nyert named Ted. He has a fear of wells.

Hobby: Mustache Collecting
Nyert Power: Making walls disappear
Favorite Drink: Grape Juice
Named By: rainysidewalks and Charoi


      Simon Ice (who prefers to just go by the name "Ice") is a friend of Bucket Bill's, and is much less hyperactive, although he has been called a kill- joy. He collects hats, and never wears the same hat twice... except for the whale hat, it's his favorite. He's also currently going out with Angela,  no thanks to Bill's talking bush services. He doesn't like his Nyert power very much.

Hobby: Hat Collecting
Nyert Power: Spontaneous Combustion
Favorite Color: Blue
Named By: Shade Guy and rainysidewalks


      Bucket Becky is a sponge, much like Bill (although she is filled with something pink, instead), who has an adventurous personality and loves to have fun... just like Bill. Well, I guess it's a good thing they're going out! She collects bows, and her favorite bow is her electric bow... although the people who touch it might not like it as much.

Hobby: Bow Collecting
Nyert Power: Laser Vision
Favorite Shape: Rectangle
Named By: MasterComic

The rest will be coming shortly. :D
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